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We make our collars individually for each dog. We take into account dog size, breed, neck length and volume to create the most suitable collar for every dog.


We use only the highest quality materials - natural leather and strong, durable accessories. We guarantee our collars will last and become even more beautiful  with time and use.


We offer unique luxury products, great service and individual approach for an affordable price.


We ship our collars by avia worldwide. Average shipping time 1-2 weeks depending on the country.  

Collar should emphasize the beauty of a dog, ­­but not outshine! 
Sighthound collars
Sighthound collars
from 35 Euro.
Collars form is specially designed for sighthounds and dogs with a thin long neck - wide in the middle and get thinner to the buckle.
Standard dog collars
Standard dog collars
from 20 Euro.
Collars for dogs of all breeds - the same width along all collar length. 

Sighthound collars

Size Breeds Price
"Small & Medium" 
(20-37 cm)
Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis 35 Euro Order
(more than 37 cm)
Greyhounds, Russian Borzoys 40 Euro Order

Standard dog collars

Size Details Price
"Small"  1,5 - 2 cm width, any length 20 Euro Order
"Medium"  2,5 cm width, any length 25 Euro Order
"Big" 3 - 3,5 cm width, 
extra strong buckle, any length
30 Euro Order
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